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Spence the Spooky Spider

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Spence is a happy little spider until one day a man named Joe steps on him.

Spence doesn't remain dead - he comes back as a ghost. Now he's angry
and wants to haunt Joe, the man who killed him. Joe tries to stomp on Spence
again, several times, and finds it is useless. You can't kill a ghost.
Frightened, Joe runs away, followed by the spirit of Spence who continues
to haunt Joe wherever he goes.

But Spence has a weakness. He can only appear at night. During daytime hours he
disappears, giving Joe a break from the haunting.

Eventually nighttime returns and the haunting continues.

In the end Spence delivers a simple message. Be kind to your fellow creatures.
Life is precious, even to a spider.